Tuesday, February 4, 2014

No proxies required, can run any Youtube video now

youtube video on
This is a not proxy we are talking about. Its Pakistan’s own answer to Yotube, which has introduced the mechanism to show videos from YouTube by transferring them has recently launched a Google chrome extension which can help them gain the fame and versatility to the level of YouTube.
According to the extension, you can open any YouTube video link or any page with YouTube video embedded in it and after few seconds, extension shall fetch that video and upload it on the servers of and you’ll be automatically directed to the video. So now you can view your desired video of Youtube on
here is the method to watch the video
  1. Install the extension from this link
  2. open the YouTube Link of the video
  3. You’ll be re-directed to
  4. After processing of few seconds, that video shall not only be visible to you but anyone who searches for it can also view it.
A 50MB video was uploaded in matter of few seconds on from YouTube.
We all have suffered in one way or another by the banning of YouTube from our cyber space since September 2012. But we have a video portal of our own to replicate the success and benefits of YouTube in the form of User interface of the video portal is simple and user friendly. Unlike dailymotion and rest of the irritating websites where user is more helpless, user can actually see the buffering happening on it. was launched back in 2006 but it only gained fame after YouTube was banned in the country. Earlier, the video content of the website was much more focused on Pakistan as it had its major chunk of viewership within Pakistan. Although was no match to the vast database of videos present on YouTube but it seems that they have finally found a way to grab that status as well.